We are Wrapsies

We believe that towels have had their day, and that there is a better way – the Wrapsie.

Designed to make drying and changing easier, the Wrapsie is a confidence boosting accessory, which encourages independence from a young age.

Our unique design includes an elasticated neck which not only keeps your Wrapsie secure, but is expandable enough to wear around your neck, below your shoulders and around your waist while changing.

But what really makes the Wrapsie unique are the armholes that give you the freedom to run, jump, dance, cartwheel, and do all the things you can’t do with a towel.

Colourful, fun and made to last, Wrapsies are perfect companions for those who want to live life to the full.

Towels are boring. Choose fun.
Choose freedom. Choose Wrapsies.

Dry & Change in one,
your way…. The Wrapsie Way!